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Fiberglass Mesh Cloth Manufacturer

we are Fiberglass Mesh Cloth Manufacturer,if you need our products,you can contact us.
Merit of fiberglass screen :
1. long service life ,Beautiful shape, rigorous structure .
2. widely used in window and door , It has corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, fire prevention performance is good, no need to paint color.
3. Avirulent Insipidity.
4. Choose glass fiber yarn net , can fireproof.
5. It has the anti-static function, good air permeability.
6. Pervious to light performance is good.
7. Automatic filter uv irradiation
8. Anti-aging, long service life, the design is reasonable.
9. Green and environmental protection.
Uses: Used in high-grade office buildings, residential and all kinds of buildings, livestock farm, orchard, etc., It also is insects, flies the best protection product

Fiberglass Mesh Cloth

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