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Fiberglass Mesh Cloth Wholesale

Coated Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh cloth is based on C-glass or E-glass woven cloth and treated by alkali-resistance copolymer resin on the surface.

The woven cloth is made of fiberglass yarn or roving by means of leno or plain weave. The diameter of elementary fiberglass varies between 9 and 15 micron.

The resin used for the surface treatment ensures the property of alkali-resistance and increases the mechanical durability that is required by the construction industry.

Application of Fiberglass Mesh Cloth Wholesale
1. External Thermo Insulating Composite System (ETICS) & External Insulating Finish System (EIFS)
2. External and internal plaster reinforcement
3. Electrical heating mats
4. Marble Slab Reinforcement / Mosaic Carrier
5. Asphalt reinforcement (roof water-proof)
6. Reinforced lightweight construction boards

Packing and Storage of fiberglass mesh

Fiberglass Mesh Cloth Wholesale
Coated Alkali-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh Cloth is wound on paper tubes with inner diameters of 38, 50.8, 76 or 152 mm. The quantity of fabric wound on the tube is determined by customer requirements and varies from just 50 meters to the thousands of meters needed for a machine processing. Fiberglass Mesh Cloth is offered in widths of between 10 cm and 200 cm in addition to the standard 100 cm. Each roll is wrapped in a shrink film or plastic bag. Then rolls are packed into cartons or pallets.

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