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Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh

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The majority of wire mesh that is manufactured and available from stock is woven in a "plain weave." "Plain weave" refers to the method by which a wire mesh specification is woven - the warp wires, which run the length of roll, and shute wires, which run the width of the roll, pass over, one over, one under in both directions. This "over/under" weave locks the mesh in place, by virtue of the strength of the wires and the size of the opening.

Most plain weave wire mesh is usually manufactured on a rapier loom, which is recognized as one of the more efficient wire mesh looms in the world. In fact, generally speaking any mesh 3 x 3 Mesh or finer (i.e., 10 x 10 mesh or 50 x 50 mesh) is almost always woven in plain weave.

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