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wrought iron fence panels price

Wrought Iron Temporary Fence Panel pvc Coated,We are manufacturers, we can give you a good price
Canada temporary fence panel is easily transported, installed and moved within a site, and can be secured using a variety of base options and connection systems. It is effective for many purposes. It is required on a short-term basis such as for storage, public safety, crowd control, or theft deterrence. Other uses for temporary fencing include venue division at large outdoor events, parking lots and public restriction on industrial construction sites.

Specification of Welded Wire Mesh Fence
1. Wire diameter: 3mm-5mm
2. Mesh size: 50*100mm; 50*150mm; 60*120mm; 60*150mm; 75*100mm
3. Sided frame:25*25*1.5mm; 30*30*1.5mm; 30*30*2mm
4. Middle frame: 20*20*1.2mm; 25*25*1.5mm; 20*20*2mm; 25*25*2mm
5.Height: 3.75ft; 4ft; 5ft; 6ft; 7ft; 8ft
6.Width: 8ft; 8.5ft; 9ft; 9.5ft; 10ft

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