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Mainly by all kinds of metal wire ,chemical fiber polyester wire, horsetail etc woven material.
The woven types include: plain weave,twilled weave,dutch,weave and other,
Mainly product including: stainless steel woven wire mesh,iron wire mesh,copper wire mesh,polyester wire mesh,hexagonal wire mesh etc.
Uses: In mine ,oil,chemical industry,food industry ,pharmaceutical industry and machine producing,the highest mesh more than 3000 mesh.

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Dutch Woven Wire Cloth
Materials: low carbon steel wire, copper wire, nickel wire, stainless steel wire, Polyester wire.
Weaving and characteristics: Plain weaving or twill weaving. Bamboo type weaving .twist weaving, it is fine and have the stably performance.

 woven wire mesh Material: Stainless steel wire,45Mn steel,65Mn steel,high carbon steel, carbon steel, nickel steel and nonferrous wire.

hook crimped woven wire mesh Weaving type: Plain, intermediate, crimped

Process: Made with pre-crimped wire in the method of locked crimp, double plain weave, single wave weave, double plain weave, double crimp, space weave.

hook woven wire mesh Application: Screening in mine, petroleum, chemical, building and food industry. Used in machinery parts, packing, barbecue, hardware products, handicrafts, wire baskets, food machinery, road and railway, etc. Also used in screening and grading of solid materials and filtering of liquid and quarry, etc.

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