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Gas-Liquid Filter Mesh

  • Gas-Liquid Filter Mesh
  • Gas-Liquid Filter Mesh
  • Gas-Liquid Filter Mesh
  • Gas-Liquid Filter Mesh
  • Gas-Liquid Filter Mesh

Gas-liquid filter mesh is also called: gas-liquid net, froth net, filter net, braided net, it is actually a traditional method of needle bar knitting sweater woven wire mesh. Woven  diameter is about +0.08~+0.50mm or the pressed flat wire. the wire used in weaving is usually the round wire whose diameter less than +0.30mm can be multi-strand plaited. the form of the multi-plait can be the combination of the metal wire and the fibre twisted braided wire.
Our company can produce single-strand,three-strand,six-strand,and nine-strand gas and liquid filter.
The width range of the gas and liquid filter: 40mm. 80mm. 100mm. 150mm. 200mm. 300mm. 400. 500mm. 600mm etc.
The weight of the gas and liquid filter can be controlled within +3g per decimeter and the width is within +2mm.

Knitted mesh is a meshwork weaved in a special way,like a flattened continuous sleeve whose structure is based on a series of beautiful and decorative linking arches interwoven by the folds of the wire.
Thanks to their great ductility, allow for making bodies of quite different geometry and density that grant them noticeable physical and technical qualities making them suitable to meet a wide range of industrial applications.

It is not only one of the mostly used componet in wire mesh demister manufacturing and other separation engineering, but also is widely used in automobile industry with the continous development of industry. Pleple know more and more about the applicable fields and application scope of knitted fabric.

Corrosion resistance.
Anti-acid and alkali.
Anti-high temperture.
Good filter performance.
Long using life

Plastic and rubber processing machinery extrusion
Oil industry and cereal sifter
Evaporation and filtration process in petroleum,
food, chemical, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, ship and automobiles


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