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  • Expanded Metal Mesh
  • Expanded Metal Mesh
  • Expanded Metal Mesh
  • Expanded Metal Mesh
  • Expanded Metal Mesh

1. Material: steel plate,stainless steel plate,copper plate, aluminum plate.
2. Weaving and characteristics:
It is punched to mesh,it is strong and artistic,wear-resisting
Including: aluminum plate mesh,stainless steel plate mesh,steel plate
According to the hole shape,it is divided into diamond, square, round, triangle,scale hole
3. Using: it is strong and wear-resisting,artistic.
used widely inroad,railway,civil building,water conservancy’s build,the protecting of all kinds of machines,electrical equipment,window and aquatic product’s breed.
5. Application
1) Ceiling expanded plate
Special ceiling plate is a metal plate mesh network, from a variety of materials of metal plate using professional mechanical shear, so that the length of the original steel sheet expanded to several times or more. Also increases the strength and hardness of steel plate, and reduces the weight of itself.The air can flow through the mesh, which does not produce waste, and reducing costs.
The main material: iron, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, titanium sheet, color steel, copper and other metal plate that having a tensile capacity.
The products are mainly used in the ceiling hotels, conference halls, hotels and other high-end places, a nice, durable, and good ventilation.

2) Scaffold board network
Scaffolding is the construction site for the workers to operate and resolve the vertical and horizontal transport and erection of various carriers.
Steel net is mainly used for scaffolding countertop, and that convenient construction workers moving and placing objects.
Material: hot rolled sheet
Thickness: 2mm-5mm
Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized
Features: Rugged,antiskiding

3) grill expanded net
Expanded metal mesh can be used as a support on grill net, its uniform mesh, good thermal conductivity, non-toxic and harmless,that can be used multiple times.
Material: steel net, stainless steel wire, low carbon galvanized wire
Features: high temperature deformation, not rusty, non-toxic, odorless, easy to Use: for barbecue pasta, meat, vegetables

4) Speaker net
Speaker net can be used for speaker protection, through the product sound good,beautiful and durable.
Materials: Blackboard, galvanized sheet
Aperture: 2 * 32 * 43 * 6
Thickness: 0.3-0.5mm

5) Ship steel net
Ship steel net is mainly used on large ships, the ship laying on the platform and play a non-slip effect.
The main use of high quality hot-rolled steel sheet, the use of heavy steel mesh machine punching stretch made,
Features: durable, non-slip effect, low price Thickness: 3mm-8mm
Aperture: 30 * 60MM-50 * 100MM
Width: 0.2M-2M
Material: hot rolled sheet

6) Expanded fencing net
Products used in highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belt protection, test site screening agricultural sector and other protection.
Features: durable, beautiful, easy maintenance, good visibility, bright colors, etc.

The specification only for reference, it can be designed according to our the customers requirement.


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