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  • Perforated Mesh
  • Perforated Mesh
  • Perforated Mesh
  • Perforated Mesh

1. Name: Perforated metal mesh is used on different materials marked with holes of different shapes to suit different needs.
2. Material: galvanized plates, cold plates, stainless steel plates, low carton steel PVC plates aluminum plates,aluminum magnesium alloy plates,etc.
3. Hope shape:log holes,round holes,triangle holes,lightly pull scale hope,other pull wire netting etc.
4. Using: on the filtration of auto gas engine,the classification and filtration of mine,medicine,cereals and grains,indoor sound insulation,ventilation of grain depot,etc.
5. Specification:
thickness of roll plate: 0.2mm-1mm
Length of plate: 20m
Opening: 1.5mm-10mm
Thickness of plate: 0.2mm-20mm;width*length≤1.5m*5m
Opening: 0.5mm-200mm
6. Punching way
1) continuous punching in the same direction: the use of partially overlapping rectangular metal mesh mold processing methods, can be processed long hole, trimming and the like.
2) continuous molding: molding is larger than the perforated metal mesh size of the mold forming methods, such as large-sized shutters, roll bars, rolling stairs and other processing methods.
3) nibble: Use small round mold with a small step away from the arc-shaped continuous punching processing methods.
4) continuous punching multi-directional: the use of small metal mesh macroporous mold processing methods.
5) a single molding: mold shape by forming a shallow drawing processing methods.
6) single-shot: a single complete punching, including linear distribution, circular distribution, circular distribution, punching holes in the grid.
7) forming the array: processing workpieces of the same or different in the way more than a large board.
7. Application
1) Architecture
A building not only should be comfortable and cheerful places for work,but also should be convey tile right image for the company of the that owns or rents it.Architecture has turned to perforated metal to achieve this end.We make perforated material used for outdoor furniture,acoustic panel,exterior and interior cladding,ventilation,air conditioning systems,suspended ceilings and interior heating,balustrades.
2) Agriculture equipment
In the agricultural industry,needs perforated material range from grain sorting and drying,through sieves for special application to parts for agricultural machinery,for example:grain dryers,hammer mill screen,combines and more.
3) Filtration
The perforated products are used in the screening of coal,gravel and oil,in the shifting and separation of food products and medical material,fine chemicals and oil.
4) Design
Using advances computer systems and our capabilities in bending,cutting and painting,for example:a chair,a bench,a lamp.


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