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Separation and Filter Products Series

  • Separation and Filter Products Series
  • Separation and Filter Products Series
  • Separation and Filter Products Series
  • Separation and Filter Products Series
  • Separation and Filter Products Series

Filter disc , filter cap,  filter drum, filter elements, coffee filters, etc.

Material : 304、304L、316、316L,stainless steel perforated  mesh,stainless steel woven mesh,stainless steel welded wire mesh etc.

Acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistant, pulling force and high resistance

Mainly used in acid ,alkali environment conditions screening and filter,oil industry as mud mesh,chemical fiber industry as screen mesh,plating industry as picking nets ,gas ,liquid filtration and separation with other media.

Filter disc type:
A single layer, multi-layer; according to the shape into a round, rectangular, waist, oval, etc.. multilayer mesh has two layers, three layers.

Stainless steel filter mesh industry application:
widely used in "chemical fiber spinning, short fiber, superfine fiber, leather, cloth, plastic granulator (PVC cable material. Sheath material), , such as rubber masterbatch, melt filtration.

Applicable machinery: all kinds of "chemical fiber spinning machine, leather and non-woven equipment, twin screw extruder" of the jet head and components filter.
we can design and production of various types of products according to the customer need

Symmetrical air flowing Form and operation conditions:
Frame: Aluminum or G.I.
Sealant: polyurethane.
Separator: hot melt glue.
Filter media: glass fiber media.

1. Coarse material automatic discharge, can be automated operations.
2. The mesh is not blocked, the powder can not fly, can screen to 400 mesh.
3. Screening and high filtration efficiency, can be used on any granule, powder and mucilage.
4. Unique mesh frame structure design, screen mesh long using time, convenient to replace the mesh.
5. High efficiency, exquisite design, durable, any powder, mucus class all can apply.
6. Stainless steel (304) material, small size, light weight, can be arbitrarily mobile, does not occupy a space.

Application tips:
1. Use the required lubrication oil that have good anti aging feature,the thick sediment like jelly can be avoided,reduce the blocking in separation layer.
2. When changing oil,pour out all the used oil,avoiding old and new oil pullted and dissolving with each other.
3. Change air inlet filter element and oil element in time.
4. Although seal circles are reliable,check the parts when do the usual mataince,and change it when necessary.


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