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Ground-Separation Net

  • Ground-Separation Net
  • Ground-Separation Net
  • Ground-Separation Net
  • Ground-Separation Net
  • Ground-Separation Net

Ground-separation net is a kind of ideal metal mesh wall, the framework of the fence with high quality wire rod as raw material, through the galvanized, coated with primer and high before the base of the fence Adhesive powder coating three layers of protective welding mesh, with a long time anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet characteristics. In this fence wire surface treatment for the galvanizing and spraying, can also choose one, the column covered with plastic cover or rain cap. According to the environment and installation methods are different, optional buried 40cm, plus base and so on.The special frame design, so that the hardness of the fence has been effectively improved, and fence is a transparent wall, neither to block the sun there is no greater wind resistance, applicable to various fields; the company is a Specializing in the production of fence, fence, isolation network of production-oriented enterprises, has a wealth of experience in production design, special products can be customized according to the construction site, welcomed the new and old customers call to discuss!

With anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun, weather, bright colors, flat surface, strong tension, not vulnerable to external impact deformation, site construction and installation, flexibility and strong (according to the requirements of the scene at any time to adjust the shape and size).


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